Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two More Sips!

Patton Oswalt sums it all up with that line on "Feelin' kinda Patton". I counted at least a dozen people limping or nursing some kind of injury (broken arms, legs) in the crowd at the beginning of the show.
The catering was great...lunch was sausage lasagna w/salad and desserts and dinner was a taco/burrito assembly line w/chicken/tofu/shredded pork and Tres Leches cake that kept me going back and back again, even taking one off the loading dock after they cleared catering out.
The crowd also marveled the catering as each person that supported us at the merch table questioned Moe's half eaten burrito. Moe is our merchandising queen who sometimes suffers from what she refers to as the "everyday crazies". Here she is "mid-crazy"
feel free to tip her, she keeps it real.

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