Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Problem!

“Who’s van is this, do you have the insurance card and can I see you’re passports please?” Yes, yes & yes. “Do you have any tobacco, alcohol or fire arms?” No, no no. “Open the side door please” the border guard matches our faces to our passports and waves us off, awesome! This was one of the easiest crossing’s I’ve ever had so I resume sleep mode and wake up in the parking lot of the New England Metal Fest way before anyone else. Scott Lee (fest organizer) has lost 85 pounds and looks incredible. I get an Espresso Truffle from Starby’s (Scotty Roo’s Starbuck’s nick-name) and wait. This years NEMF is a collection of clones with few standouts (Suffocation, Coliseum, Toxic Holocaust & our tour package) intertwined with the sold out Grateful Dead show on the next block. The mixing was like a psychedelic brave heart only with mental casualties battling their own minds. During the day I consume a stand sausage, a burger from the understaffed Irish Pub across the street and multiple beer brands. After the our stage is beat like a dead horse, we hit it donning Tie-Dye attire to spread the word of the waste love.

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