Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hunan Village

Houston, TX home of Hunan Village. I love this place. Todays' catering was no joke either, chicken parmigiana super lightly egg breaded, green beans with onions and mushrooms and linguine & clam sauce. The chicken parm was once of the best I've had, the breading was supreme.
I've been on this kick of eating before playing and I'm told this is a "no no" or "man....I'll puke if I eat before I play", so I'm wondering if this is just a mental thing or my new habit is giving me the extra fuel I'm needing to pull off a good performance. I have noticed a positive difference in my playing since I've started this routine. My playing seems more consistant and balanced. I'll keep on this until it proves me wrong. Oh..Hunan Village has some the best mock meat I've had in my travels and always keeps me coming back. The mock General Tso's is unbeatable and great everytime.

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