Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Means No

I can’t remember what number overnight drive this is, but there have been a few in a row and a few more to come. Needless to say we were early and a nice spread was lined up. Cream of Butternut Squash soup was my winner amongst the pasta and cold cuts for sandwiches. Routine follows and I notice an Irish Pub across the street, the desert mirage that carried Guinness…I was temporarily saved from the sea of mediocre beer. We played well and people “got it”. Tonight was show two for full belly drumming, an exercise in stuffing myself before playing and it went well ‘cause usually I can’t eat before I play as it makes me sluggish. I’m thinking I may need the extra protein these days. Dinner drumming fuel was wild rice stuffed chicken, salmon, veggies (the best broccoli I may have had) and good ole’ apple pie. A mad dash to Shannon’s Irish Pub and checking my email to see if my buddy Drew Johnston left me his number led me to finding out that Nomeansno was playing a mere 15 minute walk down the road. I called the gang and the locally and recently met Holly an Toby escorted us to the venue where NMN was playing. There was Drew, we caught up about all things’ riff, a shot of Jagermeister, a few Mooseheads and a McEwans Scotch Ale and then I was eager to submit to the greatness of NMN. Some diddies from Wrong and a slew of others were played effortless and date free, A band not to be missed. Upon return to our show, it was long over and the smoke machine on As I Lay Dying’s bus was firing away mercilessly, similar to when right before Manowar hits the stage and your buddy vomits all over the guy standing next to him. Good times. All aboard the Shon B express to Thunder Bay overnight.

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  1. No Means No is definitely one of the best bands I've ever seen live.