Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Electric Factory (part 1)

"Man, I smell like shit", " too and I feel bad for whoever's suckin' my balls tonight". gotta love dude band banter, dick and fart jokes on steroids. The jokes and the catering are what saves my moral from the lead balloon low rent show goer. Positive, the catering was a home cooked Thanksgiving feast, with some the greatest turkey and stuffing I've had. Everything was on point and of course the desserts as well. (I am missing my camera big time) Negative, we can't use our own equipment, we can't really sound check and we can't seem to shake the boo's. Yes, we were booed but! The crowd tug-of-wared with one another trying to out loud the other.
So some people "had our backs", and afterall this is Philly and we do great in Philly. The Church embraces us with open arms each time and is practically our second home, but these are a different pack of peeps, were talking rabid sports fans who throw D batteries at unwanted athletes and snow balls at Santa Claus. Ryan and I got some interaction satisfaction with our haters. "You guys fuckin' suck...Municipal Waste fuckin' sucks" was being yelled repeatedly and when the lights were in our favor Ryan pointed and yelled "I know who you are now" and the naysayer was silenced. Mine, a Flyers fan tried to be inducted in the Guinness book as he gave me the finger as long as he could, haha. It was great and when we were finished I stood up and smiled at him while "sporting" the double thumbs up.

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