Saturday, April 11, 2009

Floor Toms, Frontiers & food!

Mike Dorfman and Trick Drums will have my undivided allegiance as my new 16x16 came today and it looks beautiful! I love those people. I got up at the crack of dawn to get my drum and eat the best Vegan breakfast I’ve had in a while before entering Canada. The Wayward Vegan CafĂ© is totally vegan and totally great. I forgot my camera again! I had the S.O.S. (Seitan On a Shingle), all house made it contained an herb biscuits & seitan drowned in mushroom gravy with a side of kale. Amazing and filling! It kept me satisfied while enduring the border wait. The Canadian’s are tough and thorough. Soon enough our ship sailed into the great north to the UBC Thunderbird Arena where the show was. It was massive, an ice hockey arena, ha ha. We played to the first wave of entrants and did well. Why I haven’t taken photos yet is beyond me.

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