Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hung Over

We arrive in Kansas City, I rise slowly and am I hung over as shit. Those killer beers killed me.
I catch up on the blog and make my way into the venue for catering. Chicken, orzo with mushrooms and peas and pecan pie was tonights meal. It cured my hang over and made me feel somewhat normal. Nick (AILD) is hooking me up with use of his camera so I can forge on with the blog, he rules! Tonight's show goes well considering were on God Forbid's equipment (again!). Those guys have really helped us a lot. After the set, I shower and I'm semi worn out on routine and I head out for local stimulation. I walk into a bar called Out of Bounds and realize upon entry that I'm instantly recognized as "fresh meat" by everyone in the bar including the lone karaoke singer. It's a gay bar. I check the taps out and make a quick u-turn to find another spot. I walk into The News Room pub order a Peroni and start shooting the shit with Ryan (bar tender) and Scott (Art Teacher). We talk everything from George Brett shitting his pants, George Brett having a record setting batting career before creatine and the Kansas City Mafia. I sip a Makers Mark and Scott convinces me to try a Hamms.
Afterwards I head back over to the venue and LOG is killing it, best show of the tour for me personally. A few beers later and Chris says "Hey...Britny Fox is playing down the street, let's go!". We go and they rule, totally out rocking today's musical youth by a long shot and even close with a cover of Judas Priest's You've Got Another Thing Coming. Back to the Bus! The AILD crew is transporting me to St. Paul, MN. We stop at Walmart and I'm let down 'cause they don't carry frozen White Castle Cheeseburgers! Bummer!

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