Wednesday, April 29, 2009


At this point, I'm playing catch up and the catering in Dallas wasn't my favorite. Blackened catfish that seemed not cooked all the way, broccoli and mashed potatoes. The chocolate cake was just ok.
The crowd was great at this show, Tony got spit on, you gotta love the haters. Speaking of haters, let's rewind to Houston. I head to the Balcony to watch LOG from a nice relaxed point of view in the row seats amongst the crowd. I take position, the intro starts and the crowd was like boiling water within seconds. "In your words" the lead track off of "Wrath", Lambo of God's new album follows and the all man, all muscle, no brains slurred drunken fan besides me knows all the words in his own way, which is at the top of his lungs to the point of almost loosing his voice. The song ends and he's still going, high fiving me and everyone around him in all his glory. A few songs in Randy (LOG vocalist) shouts out Municipal Waste and the same drunken fan reacts the same drunken way, only negative. "They fuckin' suck", "that band fuckin's sucks", "Municipal Waste...fucking suck" at peak volume along with high fives to everyone in his area, including me and I respond "Fuck yeah're gay" and he goes "Yeah man" with all the veins in his head/throat bulging. He's soooo pumped up he missed the fine print. It was great. I escaped with my life and laughed to myself the whole way to the dressing room for my Samiclaus treat.

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