Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free for All

I went off on the first day, right from breakfast. On the other side of the hotel there was a french place named Cafe de la Presse. I lit my fuse with a double espresso and Poached eggs in red wine sauce with mushrooms and dried bacon blew my mind. All the flavors worked very well together and it was the perfect portion.
I discovered a Beard Papa's not far away and enjoyed a molten lava chocolate cake, along with a chocolate cream puff. Beard Papa's hails from Japan and has the best cream puffs ever. Don't skip it!
I visited Tartine and had a Banana Cream Pie that curled my toes. I was totally connecting the restaurant dots and loving every minute of it.
Lucky for me, it happened to be "Stong Beer Month" in San Fran, a campaign between two breweries (Magnolia & 21st Amendment) to drink 12 listed strong beer for a commemorative glass. I b-lined for Magnolia on Haight St. On my way, I was followed by a man who appeared from the woods and looked to be on some sorta mission of no good. I picked up on his vibe and removed my knife from my pocket and was prepared to jab it in and out of my follower like a sewing machine with the pedal to the ground. Lucky for both of us, he started to tail someone else.
Magnolia's Lightning Imperial Stout clocked in at 10.5% and was all flavor, a truly great beer and totally worth my exodus (on foot). I ordered fried chicken w/ collard greens and onion & garlic mashed potatoes. The food was good, but the beer was far better.

The Irish Bank

is where my first actual meal is San Fran was. An Irish Pub right next to our hotel, Hotel des Arts. A non photo op mediocre cheeseburger with sauteed onions filled my gut, accompanied by a glass of Jameson and a Guinness.

Slackathon is over!

Blame Lewis lovely, or credit him for turning the heat up on me. As a food fanatic, San Fran has a ton to offer and I was lucky to spend some time there with my lady (or my better half so I'm told) on a little vacation. Here's the run down.
My "to" trip had a stop in Detroit airport and past the trippy light enhanced hallway my stop is usually at PB&J, but I opted for Musashi time around and had an amazing Gyoza Ramen. It was so good, I thought I was in Tokyo again. That's what happens when actual Japanese people work at a Japanese restaurant.