Monday, March 30, 2009

1 step forward, two steps back

So the reason for this whole trip is the Lamb of God tour that Municipal Waste (who I drum for) was invited to participate in/on along with As I lay Dying, Children of Bodom & God Forbid...AND to be able to approve our new record before running out on tour like the last one.
The MW record is in the final mix stage as we speak and it is sounding amazing. All the excitement lead me back to the local menu 'cause we ship out tomorrow to get down to business on the LOG tour. So..when in Rome, I got the "Wing Zing" grinder (we're in New England) so bad, but soooo good!
Like every other tour, as soon as I get the route I start thinking of all the great places to eat & drink. Old favorites, new discoveries & of course the good, the bad & the ugly!
There is nothing more exciting to me than traveling to play music and getting to try the world's edibles and potions. Speaking of potions, tonight's evening ender is Imperial Choklat Stout from one of my favorite newly discovered breweries Southern Tier. This dessert like beer's rich chocolate taste is just as strong as it's percentage. It weighs in at 11.o%

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 1 of 6 weeks, 35 shows & thousands of Metal Heads

Delta Flight 6177 took off at 6:10am, stopped in Cincinnati and finished in Hartford, CT. I'm in Hadley MA listening to the final mixes of the new Municipal Waste album titled "Massive Aggressive" and it's sounding great. Today's meal was a local favorite pizza called "The Wing Zing" (pizza topped with buffalo sauce, blue cheese & fried chicken brutality) that Zeuss hipped me to. It's been a long day of traveling and listening, so I'm ready to do myself in.
My NyQuil is bottled by Dogfish Head and it will probably make me count two and three legged sheep.