Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alice Cooper'stown

No Orientation today...load in at 10:30am tomorrow on the first day. So with nothing to do we head out and on over to Alice Cooper'stown, home of the BIG UNIT. It pretty much looks like a sports bar/haven for Seaside Guido's but with Alice Cooper rock awards and memorabilia, while the staff dones Cooper's corpsepainted eyes. I ordered the Gonzo's BBQ Beef Brisket bathed in Sonoran sauce and it was delicious, super tender meat that practically fell apart when I chewed it. Although I didn't get the BIG UNIT someone at the table next door ordered it and I swooped in for a photo 'cause it's size made me laugh so hard. Behold the BIG UNIT...a hotdog enthusiast's fantasy come true.

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