Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ria's Bluebird

I had the biscuits w/pepper milk gravy and a side of bacon. The biscuits were homemade and awesome! The menu at Ria's was pretty diverse and everything looked great, but I wanted some comfort food. Phil (AILD) and his fiancee Shannon hipped me to this great spot and Phil did some shooting for me. I really need a camera again! After brunch I had my friends Suzanne and Sam help me on my hunt for the "truly golden moment" only to be denied on my quest again.
Waste grabbed Atlanta by the balls tonight with a great set. Drunken Unicorn attendee's were even present. Last time Waste was in Atlanta, we played the Drunken Unicorn and there was a couple practically having sex on stage during our set, wild times indeed.

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