Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Taco Cabana is where we started the day off. We drove forever and ended up in Amarillo, TX at The Big Texan home of the Free 72oz steak. If you can eat it in an hours' time that is. Joey Chesnut holds the world record clocked in at 8 minutes and 52 seconds for everything. 72oz steak, 3 shrimp, salad, baked potato and a roll. The unofficial record for the fastest time belongs to a 500 pound Bengal Tiger, less than 90 seconds.
We watched 4 people take the challenge while we were there and no one could could do it. One contender changed his name to "ralph" as the staffed rushed a garbage can over to him. It was hilarious.
I had a measly 16oz filet mignon w/fried onions, Rochefort salad, mac & cheese and a HUGE beer. I had trouble finishing mine and wondered how the hell the guys going for the 72oz could try that. Fuller than full we drive off into the night to find a hotel hours later.

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