Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Go Go Go Go!

Crawling through Toronto traffic with the venue 5km away was like watching paint dry, only you couldn't progress until it was actually dry. In other words, it completely sucked and stressed me out. We show up 15 minutes after our set time...good thing God Forbid bailed us out and played first. We show up and practically walk right onto stage and play. I played Corey's (G.Forbid) drum kit without alteration and it was very close to trying to stab someone while blindfolded, but it worked surprisingly. Our set goes off well and I race back outside to switch out the vans (our good friends in The End are nice enough to come to our aid and lend us their van) and then drive the pick up back to budget. Just when we thought we were done, the tow hitch ball is too big for our trailer and we can't get it off 'cause it's rusted. A few dozen attempts are made and a local trucker get's it off in about 3 seconds like Superman. We laugh and then the trailer lights don't work either, seesaw action...sheesh. I just wanted to play Arena Ball by this point and haven't eaten (missed catering) so I'm fading. I beer myself back to positiveness and wait for the game. Let the game begin is countered with "No Alcohol on the floor" and "this is a construction area and you need a hard hat to step on the floor" by an over serious staff and rubber gun squad. Suddenly Nick (AILD) appears with a hard hat stating "I have a helmet, I can play". He's denied and all hope is lost....Arena Ball will not happen and I'm bummed.

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