Saturday, April 11, 2009

Killin's as easy as breathin'

Long ass drive anyone? It’s 15 hours from Vancouver to Edmonton, good thing we have a day off in between. Hunger set in and we stopped in Hope B.C. , the birth place of Rambo. Yes, First Blood was filmed here, how random…needless to say it made the ride more exciting. Sammi a Japanese/Korean restaurant is where I got my grub on and it was great. I got a Bento Box lunch special which had Chicken Teriyaki with vegetables, miso soup, green tea, rice, salad, vege & shrimp tempura and a California roll ALL FOR $8.50 Canadian. What a deal. A few hours later I found out The Haunted were in Edmonton that night and even though the kilometers were going by rapidly, seeing the Swede’s wasn’t going to happen.

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