Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spain…almost the final frontier.

I’m on the way to Spain and I dumped a full cup of coffee on myself. Bummed that I didn’t get to drink it I turn on the ole’ ipod to get my jams on. Yesterday and today (so far) I’ve been keeping a play list and here’s what my ears have consumed from yesterday morning’s start. Cadaver: Necrosis. Dim-Mak: Knives of Ice. Melt-Banana: Cell Scape. Poison the Well: The Tropic Rot. Propaghandi: Potemkin City Limits. Rammer: Siege of Madness and Quicksand: Slip. The Cinematic Orchestra’s Every Day has been on heavy rotation as well during the trip. Last song of Slip is almost up, I think I’ll go for Virus: The Black Flux next.
Dinner was thinly pounded steak and it wasn’t bad. Marinated in garlic, along with fries and spaghetti with pork marinara sauce as an appetizer. The sauce was really good. Show was good, I am tired as hell and can’t wait for the hotel.

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