Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Czech Republic

Plzen. Sounds like pilsner right? Plzen is home to the Pilsner Urquell Beer Museum and creation point of the pilsner beer. No one in the world comes close to upheaval of their superior beer making skill. You have to have a pint in Czech to realize this, be it Budvar (Budweiser), Gambrinus or Urquell, it’s the tastiest, smoothest pint you’ll ever imbibe. Similar to a group of kids trying to down an Imperial Walker with wrist rockets, it ain’t gonna happen.
Upon arrival to the club, our dressing room is stocked like a conspiracy theorists basement with every known meat, cheese, bread, fruit, bread, water, soft drinks AND beer. I closed the refrigerator door and went on a hunt for the true beer experience, being a fresh poured pilsner. Two blocks away I shared greatness with our driver Michal who is Czech, while in the midst’s of discussing electrician’s work (which is what he does while not driving bands) and shady neighborhoods, he informs me as he grounds his empty glass that you never order only one beer in the Czech pub. I downed what I had and followed suit.

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