Thursday, September 3, 2009

Alexis, Dennis & Panos

I’ve made some new friends. These three guys were in charge of us (MW) in Greece. They set the show up, took us to and from the airport, took us where ever we wanted to go (Necropolis), walked me down the sketchiest street I’m pretty sure that I have ever walked down in my life, turned me on to an amazing iced coffee, got me great meals, took me to the only microbrewery in Greece (Craft Brewing) and were just plain awesome to boot.
The also BBQ’d for us when we got there, personally escorted us around in the seedy part of Athens, took me to get The Bird of Athena, to get Spanakopita and put up the most posters for promotion for a show that I have ever seen from a promoter.
Why did these guys do all this? Because they love what I am a part of, they love what we/Municipal Waste does. They are fans and they took the chance to bring us there to play for the wonderful people of Greece, which we did and it was very successful, we were embraced and celebrated! In the positive words of Tony (our singer) we were “all in this together…we’re the same” it really struck home for them and for us, the respect was mutual.
Sophie made us crispy fried eggs in the morning and they were great. Before the show I went and had pork shish-kabobs. They were seasoned with oregano, some type of sauce and I was told that I has to squirt the lemon on the meat. Good stuff!

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