Thursday, September 24, 2009

Musaca, Tayfun & Turkish Tea

“They always give me a good rate, and if they don’t, I don’t renew their passports!” with a hearty chuckle afterwards, Tayfun (our guide) says while eating at the Bosphorus Grill. Tayfun is Turkish and living in Madrid working for the Turkish Embassy. His card reads “Agregaduria de Defensa” which I think is Department of Defense. A prestigious position he holds during the day and he also fly’s the flag for metal at night. His passions are his country, cooking and metal. He lives for metal. After the great Musaca, Tayfun insists on a round of Turkish Tea on him. The Tea was really good and energetic. Ceylon Tea is the actual tea and he explained that it has Tein in the tea, like coffee has caffine. The Tein had a super clean stimulation, I felt great afterwards, no jitters, etc.

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