Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Sleep From Finland

750 strong, the Fins shouted “is gonna Fuck You up”. Finland was all it could be and we were thankful. Of course we had to get up early and fly to Switzerland. Some of this tour has been like boot camp travel wise. Not complaining, I love it, just wish we had some time in Finland as it’s always in and out. Hopefully, next time.
We did have the day off today in Zurich though. Hotel bound, we check and a bit tired head out in search of. Mission accomplished, Micro Brewery located. Steinfels produces three beers and a seasonal for a total of four. Lager, Pilsner, Wheat and a dark lager (seasonal) which I had and was very smooth and easy to drink with great flavor. I’d return. Food was nearby in the form of a Kebab with Pommes inside w/a special sauce. It was really good. After food, TerMoenator and I discovered that Gunther Von Hagen’s Korperwelten exhibit was right next to our hotel. Best exhibit I’ve seen in a long time, totally fascinating. See it if you have the chance.
Before a nightcap at Steinfels, Phil and I headed to the cinema to see District 9. What a great film, one of the most exciting and originally sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. Great story and they left it wide open for a continuation (I am thinking District 10) that I eagerly await. Well done, I see why Peter Jackson was so supportive in assistance for this film. Dear Mr. Jackson, uh…The Hobbit? We’re waiting.

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