Friday, September 11, 2009

Cluster-Bombs & Cigarettes

Never mind the killer 115 degree, pro smoking show (picture a crop duster or a free pack of Lucky Strike with admission) that we played and the killer ground spiced meat. The people of Serbia were amazing fans and more amazing human beings. They told stories of being bombed for 77 days straight, bomb shelters that were way too small for everyone to fit when the air raid siren sang (the siren would sound on approach of bombings and also sound when the bombers left) and how people went on with life during the bombings. Hardcore shows, went on (proves how strong music is) but, they happened during the day due to carpet-bombing at night.
Meeting these people only reinforced my love of music, what I do and most importantly how fortunate I am to have not been in area of turmoil. You reevaluate life. In the photos are the awesome meat and missile aftermath.

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