Friday, September 11, 2009


We were greeted by, Dulci, the venue’s house cat. The club rescued her and was nursing her back to health. She was in the dressing room all night, stretched out, sleeping on the couch only to wake to be pet or thrown some meat from our rider. Today’s food was over fried chicken and falafel, with a lot of vegan fixings. The falafel wasn’t half bad. I melted cheese on it and spread it with Hummus. Tasty.
The show was one of the hottest shows I’ve ever played. I puked a bit on stage and nearly passed out at one point. I had to really focus on keeping it together and not to over exert myself. I made it through, left the stage to get some air and came back to find my smelly, wet, home made Keelhaul shirt had been stolen off of my cymbal stand! Man…I was bummed!!! Drained, I chatted with a fellow drummer and new friend Balaz about drumming, MDMA, crystal meth, cocaine, food, free jazz and life in general. Drugs aren’t my thing, but I can get down with free jazz and I love me some food.

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