Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Austrian South of the Border

On our day off we traveled to Austria to stay with our friend Tomas. As soon as we crossed into Austria from Czech, we happened upon the one eye sore to rule them all. Amusement Parks, duty free, a plane converted into a restaurant and a dilapidated shopping mall reminiscent of Pittsburghs’ Monroeville. Minus the fireworks….this was Europes’ answer to the Carolina’s equator.
I missed the fried cheese in Czech like a dumbass, so on my molded mass quest I climbed aboard the Jetsaurant and ordered my fried cholesterol bomb. Wish I had gotten the real thing in Czech, but I was at bay now.
At Toms, he BBQ’dpor, beef, cheese and potatoes for us and they were great. Steve, a friend of Tom’s also brought some home made Zirben Schnaps (made from pine cones) that was very strong and very good. The history lesson was that the Pines the liquor was made from only grow in the Alps between 1500 and 2500 meters. It made Nyquil seem like orange juice.

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