Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Every Band For Themselves

First German show = first German meal. En route to the show we stopped at a service station and I really wanted Bockworst but decided on a meal in it’s place. A meat patty that I think is made of beef, veal and pork w/mushroom gravy and potato pancakes. It was deeeeelicious.
We get to the show to find out there is no opening band, only us. Ok, kinda weird I guess, but ok. A nice chicken curry with pasta, rice and vegetables was made for us and it was pretty good. They brought the rice out after I had already made my plate with spiral pasta. I would have much rathered the rice.
Anyway…no opening band means lots of time to think about something silly. Our silly solution turned out to be walking out the Air Wolf TV show theme song, not once but three times during the set. Yup, we actually left the stage a few times and came back out, pleasing ourselves of course.
Our fifth band member was fired for standing around on the job. A blonde haired genius felt it was his duty to stand on stage with Phil’s mic, pointing it into the crowd to encourage people to sing along. Five times too many he was found “standing around” and escorted off via push.

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