Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Austrian Hat Trick

At St. Michaels Crypt I was instructed to not to take photos. Good thing I play drums in a loud band, ‘cause I didn’t hear the guide ☺. The guide also said the main man on display checked out around 1769 and that Christopher Columbus was thought to be discovered there in recent years as well. Fascinated, we rose from the tomb and went on a food hunt. On our travels we passed what is called “Heroes Place” which the famous balcony where Adolf Hitler addressed Austrians about taking them over or as our driver Michal put it , “This is where Hitler said…blah, blah, blah, a bunch of shit, fascist asshole”
The Weiner Schnitzel, Kasespatzel and Apple Strudel were all “bone crushingly” good or in the mind of a death metaller, sick and brutal. The Schnitzel was so light and tasty, came with potato salad and cranberries, the Kasespatzel is kinda like gnocchi, a potato like pasta with cheese and fried onions and bacon…amazing! The Strudel was an avalanche of awesomeness and the whipped cream that came along with it shined like a beacon in the dessert sea. I was given strict instructions by my lovely lady Amy, (my better half) to leave no Strudel uneaten. I managed to squeeze in some Pistachio Gelato before the show as well.
Oh yeah, all the killer food is taking seat here. The show was great, good vibes and the volley between us and the Austrian bangers was healthy. We loaded out and I loaded myself into bed around 2am.
I should note that, YES, the Strudel pictured above was that good.

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