Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Anger

Seattle’s Iron Lung fills my eardrums for this entry on the way to Detroit. I hate Detroit. I’m thinking if writing this on the way there, will it have any impact upon arrival? It’s raining and I hope it stays this way and keeps the savages at bay. Detroit is (from what I have seen) sketchy and angry so listening to Iron Lung going into the thick of it makes perfect sense. The Lung are fucking pissed and they mean it. I think honest anger is missing from music these days. There’s plenty of watered down, marketed emotion out there. Not all things of course, but real anger get’s overlooked (‘cause it’s real) and that’s a shame ‘cause it makes for a great music outlet. Ok, Let’s walk backwards to St. Louis. Pretty cool show and really good catering. Fajita assembly line (beef, chicken and all the fixings) & cheese enchiladas, good stuff. There are some pastry cream puffs as well that are practically gone in the blink of an eye, they were incredible. At the end of the night I find myself starving again and go on a Burger hunt with Pomroy (G.Forbid’s TM) . We’re pointed to the Blueberry Hill and the burgers are totally raging! Charbroiled to perfection. A burger, some onion rings and a Lone Star later, we head back to the venue and cross paths with various bands members roaming the streets like escaped zoo animals (bus call was 4am) getting their groove on. Worn down I head to the newly open hotel next to the club (14 days old) and sleep in one the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in.

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