Friday, May 29, 2009

I love the Ottobar

Tonites show is at Ramshead Live which is way bigger than any other place we've played at in Baltimore.
My Aunt Jeanne and her man Chris came to see my in Baltimore. We caught up beer after beer after the set and they filled me in on how Chris' cousin is marrying Eddie Van Halen and how they can't bring camera's to it, 'cause it's at Eddie's house. Wild.
This show Mikey B did he best to rile the crowd up pre-set on the mic stating that I had the biggest cock in the room and getting everyone to cheer for me, pointing at me saying "Yeah...this guy right here, he has the biggest cock on the tour". You gotta love him. Anyway...This was a Waste night, multiple stage divers through out the whole set fueled our fires as we cranked them out on high voltage.

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