Friday, May 29, 2009

Climbing back on

I really fell off the last part of the tour and after being home for a little while it makes sense to catch back up. The tour was long but seemed short and to have "whizzed by" for some reason. I ate a lot of food, put on some weight...some muscle and some fat (all those desserts before playing). I learned a lot a new things about the music world and myself as well this time around. "I'm crazy" for eating before the set I learned. I just said "it makes you play like a man, haha". I also learned how to make silly faces before the guy with the camera blinds you momentarily. Bottom line, it was hard work and a great time. I made a ton of new friends and was turned onto some really great new things, esp. food. One in particular was Spam Musubi, which I have Nick and Kenny from the As I Lay Dying camp to thank for. Their Hawaiian and Spam Musubi is an Hawaiian favorite. Thanks guys!

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