Friday, May 29, 2009

Return to Philly! (Electric Factory part 2)

My buddy John takes me from NJ to Philly for round two at the Electric Factory. Night and Day it was as the crowd loved us this time, we went over great and unlike last time where we were booed. I party down with a collection of old friends who made it out tonight and it was great. Catering was so so this time. Children of Bodom dropped off tonight due to Lexi's broken shoulder. Bummer. Great guys, we were sad to see them go. I partied harder than I thought apparently 'cause the next thing I knew I woke up in the van around 9am and I couldn't find where everyone stayed, haha.
We have a day off and we go to a nice brunch at the Devils Den. I order Crab Cakes Benedict and a pint of Kostritzer Schwarz as I think a dark beer can be paired with any type of food if you desire it so AND not to mention it's one of my favorites! I'm starting to think Philly is the food mecca by the way. We check into our hotel as half of us are sick (Ryan) and battered (Phil). I head out to meet to see Crude from Japan and meet an old Jersey buddy to drink some good beer. We end up at Eulogy and I ferment myself with a Rochefort 8, 10, Orval & some other godliness that made me feel like I was on the cover of Cryptic Slaughters' Stream of Consciousness album. I might as well add that these beer are strong and got me drunk about as fast as Cryptic Slaughters music was at their beginning.

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