Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Problems

The first day off with no complications or schedule! We slept late, disconnected the trailer, got an oil change and headed out to Whole Foods. I gorged myself on a Rainbow Roll, Chicken dumplings, “Broccoli Crunch” (broccoli, mayo, bacon & nuts) **side note: My girlfriend likes to yell at me for not eating enough greens, so I do my best to order them and let her know I did and life’s good**, a bottle of Guava Komboucha and a Canolli w/dark chocolate chips for dessert.
Afterwards, we go beer shopping (Buffalo Bill’s Blueberry Oatmeal Stout!) and I finally get a case for my new floor tom that arrived in Seattle. Yay, no more cardboard box. This means my drum is protected and that I don’t have to yell at the stage hands for throwing it on the ground while mistaking it for a box of t-shirts. BBQ time, burgers, dogs (real & fake), steak, kielbasa and all the sides/fixings. While talking about The Gates of Slumber, listening to some old heavy metal and watching MTV2, Lamb of God “foot”age appears and knowing them as people these days, we’re compelled to watch closer. Randy (singer) almost chops his toe off with a machete accident and right when he starts to explain things while headed to the doctor on television, the real Randy walks in the front door to attend the BBQ, what timing!…what an entrance! We all laughed real good and feasted away.

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