Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brett carries a dildo at SXSW

East of the Wall is a band well worth checking out. Great, tasteful, instrumental song writing, without the wanking. If Russian Circles and Opeth fucked, East of the Wall would be it’s offspring. We’re on the way to St. Louis now, after a killer show and even more killer catering in Chicago and you know what? I can’t remember St. Paul, but now that I’ve typed that it has popped back into my brain. St. Paul was a buy out day (which means no catering and you get money to go get whatever you want to eat) and our set was said to have produced the biggest “circle pit” of the day. A circle pit is like a human tornado kinda. People (men, women, children, grown ass men, morons, drunken fools, jocks and all other kinds of idiots) start running around in a circle, almost in a skipping or galloping like fashion while pushing and elbowing one another often consuming bystanders and crashing into the un-observants while the circle gains in speed and grows in size. It sounds silly as shit but it’s sure is exciting to see one start and grow to monstrous proportions. So yeah, St. Paul was cool. I opted for a trip to a beer store rather than drink Corona/Heineken. I bought a six pack of Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout. The chocolate milk/coffee like stout is like an liquid eclipse, tasting divine. Bell’s is one of my favorite breweries to have recently acquired better distribution deals making it easier to find in places across the US. Fast forward back to Chicago. The waste shined like a U.F.O. on this one due to a combo of people that actually knew who we were (we do well in Chi-Town) and others who we fascinated by their new discovery. Catering was on a whole other level tonight. Ingredients, choices, presentation and overall skill combined for one the most memorable meals on this tour. I sampled my ass off, of course!
Master Grill brick citrus & herb chicken w/ artichoke and potato hash cake w/ Aleppo- pepper aioli and steamed lemon broccoli was my main dish. I also asked to try the veal, beef and andouille meatballs and the pineapple, chili and sliced beef open faced quesadilla with smoked pepper sour cream appetizer. I bowed to the chef and praised his efforts while my brain thanked my body and my stomach thanked me. I jumped off the foodie cliff after eating the Tiramisu and coffee Sunday. Whenever I eat like this, I grab the drum set by the balls and “make it my bitch” so to speak. Good company (Jim of Yakuza & Mike Dorfman of Trick Drums), good food and good music led to good times.

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