Thursday, May 7, 2009


“Enjoy my town without me there, Expo Five is where they hold the Insane Clown Posse record release shows…luckily, I haven’t been there” says Ryan Patterson via text message as we roll into Louisville. Ryan is a close friend, singer/guitarist of the mighty Coliseum and brother to Evan Patterson who is the guitarist/singer of the just as mighty Young Widows. The Pattersons (No relation to Ted or Sam) have not let me down musically since I met them when they were in The National Acrobat.
The show seems grimmer than grim with us going on at 5:30 after the doors opened at 5pm. We put a song out to al the people in the long ass line that we could see while we played…oh yeah, it’s an outside show at a flea market.
We finish, I break down/pack and find the promoter to settle. The biz is done and I’m gone to get tattooed. First I stop at Cumberland Brews for some Porters and Kentucky Bison Burgers with Evan and Marc “Food Guru” Faulkerson. They were incredibly delicious. Full I head over to get tattooed. Jef Whitehead is in town and I’ve been wanting a snake from him for a few years now. The more than talented man cruises through seamless lines and my snake is done in just under an hour. Happy, I depart back to the show and witness the most redneck/relaxed security back stage gathering of the tour. That got old real fast and we jet to our overnight accommodations (Evans’ apartment) which just happens to be next to Cumberland Brews. I order a Scotch ale and can’t even finish it I’m so burned out.

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