Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cats Rule

We get to the venue early, and I set up. Get settled, eat some Vosges Mo Bacon Chocolate and Chris tells me about a Cat Circus a few blocks away. Awesome! I love cats. I have the runner Rhonda take me. I walk in the back door and everyone stares at me like I’m a part of the act and I’m told to go to the front. I do so and dodge the $10 admission fee some how. The cats do it all from tremendous leaps to riding skateboards, ring bells with their paws and push one another around in a mini shopping cart. It was great! I race back, hang with my old friend “Fouts” and hop on stage to “bang it out”. The Hoosiers like it and we’re off to the German Beer house across the street to catch up by beer. Tonight was my night, I found myself laying on the floor playing drums at one point and turns out the next day I left behind my shoes, shorts and shirt that I play in. Note to self, don’t get that drunk anymore. My dream came true at evenings end (I skipped catering due to time) with two chicken ring sandwiches and two double cheeseburgers from the might White Castle. Glorious depravity at it’s finest.