Friday, May 29, 2009

Detroit to Myrtle Beach part 1

Here's a half-assed somewhat lazy way of "whizzing" through the remainder of the tour.
Here goes......
After Louisville we headed to Detroit. I had the most killer Chicken Shawarma I think I've ever had from the Bucharest Grill for super cheap. After Detroit we travel halfway and stay with one of my great friends, Will Scharf who is quite the drummer and drums for the mighty KEELHAUL. Breakfast before Buffalo was Angus Beef Burger & eggs, good stuff. We have a solo show in Buffalo and it was great. I played the best I did on tour I think. I ate a Buffalo Chicken Finger Sub afterwards and then we drove overnite to NYC so I could cook against Willie Adler on "Mosh Potatoes" (more on that later). We played Roseland that night I think we finally won the NYC crowd over. Playing in NYC in like playing the lottery for us sometimes. There is also a ton of killer food there and of course I don't have time for it. Catering was great though and oh yeah...Richard Christy was there, he hung in our dressing room and sang Stryper songs with the was great.
I "Trans It" to NJ with my brother to meet my newest niece Brianna, but first we stopped at Papaya King for killer hotdogs!

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