Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day Off 3

No alarm this morning, no schedule and no hustle. Had an Omelet with cheese, onions and mushrooms w/ sides of carrots, greens and beet salad. Roamed the crowded streets hunting for applewood smoked cheddar, a movie theatre and other interesting things. Took a tour and held the FA Cup and found out I could kick a ball at 37 mph. That’s a weak kick from what I understand. Coffeed and walked out, I retreated to the hotel for a short break and some blog time.
Mel Gibson is nuts, but delivered the tour time killing day off goods in Edge of Darkness as he dished out eye for an eye revenge pouring poisoned milk down the throat of the villainous protagonist.
“It could have been more violent” was the phrase I heard from a young girls mouth on the way to dinner at Wagamama and I couldn’t help to chuckle about it out load. At Wagamama, a asian noodle chain, I had the simple chicken ramen with bamaboo, sprouts and added some chili oil and as Alton Brown would say, “that’s good eats”

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  1. that ramen looks really bad ass. love reading this blog!