Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Hotel receptionist jams Killing Joke at 5:30 and it makes the morning less predictable and I focus on the tunes with enjoying a coffee until the shuttle arrives. One sausage at Bergen airport and another at Oslo before we ship out to Heathrow and drive from there to Birmingham. The sausage count totaled in at 15 between the 6 of us. They were real good and cheap and quick!
Tired and haggard, we arrive at the venue, go through the motions and wait for the moment. The roar of the crowd yanked me back to reality and the adrenaline took over from there. GREAT CROWD, packed to the gills and fun! Spontaneity took over as my dudes had the gift of gab tonight and shot the crowd full of word holes from a Chicken Fight to berating the hipster of the moment metal (what’s passed off as metal anyway) show happening next door. The Chicken Fight was encouraged and the victor was crowd surfed all the way across the venue to the merchandise stand to claim a prize of choice. Good times.

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