Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fried Greatness

This was photo was lost in translation just a few days before I left. I have finally found the evidence of my trip to Rutt's Hut These are the greatest fried things in NJ and I am in the UK which is the land of fried goodies, so it's relative. Don't ever pass up Rutt's Hut if you love hot dogs and are in NJ. Godly.

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  1. If you are ever in Calgary, you must try Tubby Dog. You can get hot dogs covered in all sorts of delights: favourites include one covered in PB&J with Captain Crunch, or another with mayo, ketchup, cheese, bacon and crushed-potato chips. Plus, there is usually a DJ spinning and old movies being screened on the wall, and you can get served some decent beers for a good price. Represent.