Monday, August 31, 2009

Mucky Pup

Rewind 20 years ago to a VFW in Middletown, NJ. Ripping Corpse, Dirge and Mucky Pup. Yup, I saw them that long ago and today the comedy crossover ran through a set of classics and “everyone” knew the words, it was crazy. Brought back some great memories for me.
Chicken curry, pork in a BBQ/ketchup sauce, noodles with meat, dirty rice, yellow rice, green bean and shrimp cakes. All of these items were today’s meal and they were all served together on top of one another with the shrimp cakes serving as the seafood cherry. As soon as I walked up a guy started making a plate while I was looking over the choices for decision, and as soon as I looked up from my hawk-eyed examination, a plate was presented to me. I cringed a bit spying everything piled atop of one another, glanced around the room and noticed this was “the way” to eat. I submitted to my own separately thinking mind and I’m glad I did, as the flavor combos worked really well together, I went back for thirds and then sampled some of the vegetarian versions as well.
The Dynamo Festival in Eindhoven is where this all went down and MW played of course (well received) along with Textures and the mighty old school death metal Asphyx. Great day.

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